D.B. Myrrha (dbmyrrha) wrote in pagan_marriage,
D.B. Myrrha

Hi there!!

Hello, brides and grooms! Anyone still on here planning a pagan wedding/handfasting?

Let's talk!!

Also, anyone who's already done the deed, feel free to tell us what you did, how it went, and pictures! We want pictures!!

Here are some photos of stuff I'm gathering for my handfasting in May:

my ring

This is my dress, but in the wrong color (though the green is the color of my attendant's dress.) It's really this color:

Here's the stuff I bought/made for my headpiece/veil:

The veil material and ribbons

The beaded bits for the headpiece

All the stuff I have so far...the flowers for the headpiece are at the left.

Next job: making and sending invitations. I have to get started right after I finish this quarter's progress reports. (sigh.)

Also, if anyone wants to see my handfasting website, it's linked to my profile.
Tags: wedding stuff
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