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Pagan Marriage

A community for married, partnered, engaged Pagans
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Welcome to pagan_marriage, a discussion group for Pagans who are married/partnered or soon to be wed.

This is a place where diversity is encouraged. All forms of marriage are considered appropriate topic material including, but not necessarily limited to traditional, open, gay and polyamorous marriages. All religions and paths falling under the umbrella of Paganism are welcome. While we encourage accurate information, please keep debates in their appropriate communities.

Here is an example of topics we'd like to see discussed here.
Weddings/Wedding Plans
Relationships and families

Discussions of a sexual nature will be considered appropriate but please keep in mind this community is geared toward relationships. You may find certain questions or topics would be better addressed in a different community focused on that subject.

Please be respectful. Do not delete posts (unless accidentally placed here) and do not delete comments. We would like this to be a safe atmosphere for Pagans to talk about their married lives with other people who relate. Let's keep this goal in mind.

Your mods are
preachan_sidhe contact: lawngnome25@hotmail.com

Thanks and Enjoy!