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Pagan Marriage
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Date:2008-01-27 12:10
Subject:Interesting link

For those of you with a Celtic bent, here is a very interesting bit on Brehon Law and marriage in ancient Ireland.


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Date:2008-01-16 21:00
Subject:Hi there!!

Hello, brides and grooms! Anyone still on here planning a pagan wedding/handfasting?

Let's talk!!

Also, anyone who's already done the deed, feel free to tell us what you did, how it went, and pictures! We want pictures!!

Here are some photos of stuff I'm gathering for my handfasting in May:
clicky for piccyCollapse )

Next job: making and sending invitations. I have to get started right after I finish this quarter's progress reports. (sigh.)

Also, if anyone wants to see my handfasting website, it's linked to my profile.

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Date:2006-04-03 10:57
Subject:Suggestions for Cord, inclusion of step-parents

My step-daughter is having an eclectic wedding, with a ritual that's very like a handfasting cord-binding at the center of it, followed by the lighting of oil candles by the couple, and then by family members.

She has sent us the ceremony script, and asked for advice on 2 areas:

1) the cord or ribbons: I have suggested asking her sister to weave a cord (she has a Renaissance-era device for making laces, and is very deft with it; also, the bride and her sister are very close.) We've suggested that it be at least 39 inches, in light of our own experience in finding that 36 inches can become far too little to wrap properly, especially after attempts to bind the cord have made it shorter.

2) how to include step-parents in a special way: both the groom and the bride have 2 step-parents or equivalent people, whom the bride wishes to honor in some way, but she isn't sure how to include us. I have suggested that just including us in the "family" part of ceremony, where family stand and light candles symbolizing our support of their marriage is enough, and that perhaps she should draft us for tasks such as standing in the receiving line next to our partners, if she has a receiving line.... does anything else come to mind as appropriate? One problem is that the other step-mother is somewhat unreliable, and may decide not to show up, to run off, etc.

Note she and her beloved did not ask us for advice on the way the wedding is set up, so I don't have any control over the big picture. (I'm just trying to figure out a dress that fits in with what others are wearing...)

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Date:2006-03-23 19:03

So, for those of you who are planning weddings/handfastings, or for those of you who are already married...

What is your spiritual relationship with your partner (same practice/different/solitary/trad/coven sibs/HP-HPS/teacher-student/pagan-nonpagan/etc.)?

How did/will your relationship affect the kind of wedding you had/have?

What sorts of accomodations did/will you make for family/friends when it came/comes to your ceremony?

Do you think that did/will affect the outcome of your experience? Will it add to/take away from your "dream ceremony"?

I'd love to discuss some of these things here, or anything others might be thinking...

so please post, post away...

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Date:2006-03-23 10:20
Subject:My Intro Post...
Mood: tired

I just joined. HI! I wanted to post a little about myself so here I go.

I'm married to veldurn. We've been together for 8 years this June 14th but married 2 years this Aug 19th. I count the June anniversary as our real one. I ain't starting over just cause we got married. We eloped. Went to a local car dealership and just got married. Yes a car dealership they didn't even give me a free car or anything. Oh wells...We eloped like that cause he was leaving for Iraq. He just got back about a month ago and he's looking for work. We are currently living with my parents (gods help me) and we are going to get out ASAP but no one's gonna give us a loan until he gets a job. We are looking for a condo ($200K) because you can't afford a house in south FL. I'd really like to try and get a foreclosure house because then maybe we can get a real house instead of a condo. Oh wells I'm rambling sorry.

I'm pagan/wiccan there's a lot I'm still sorting out but I know the basics of what I believe and I work mainly with the Greeks. My husband is still searching. Oh my hubby is 24 and I'll be 24 in June so we are a young couple. I look forward to talking with all of you!

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Date:2006-03-23 07:03

Hello and Welcome!

I'm DB and I thought I'd post a brief intro.

I'm 36, and I live in the Pacific Northwest. I am partnered to trystn. We have been together for nearly six years and we plan to be handfast soon. We are planning on an "inner-court" (coven-only) rite next year, and then a big "family ceremony" the following year. Our family ceremony will be rather formal, in the manner of our religious tradition (we practice a path influenced by both BTW and TW, with lineage to both Gardner and Cochrane), but we have an Outer Court Handfasting Rite, so family and friends can attend.

After thinking for a long time that I'm not sure if I really want to marry again (my first marriage ended after 13 years)I'm actually getting rather excited about the whole thing.

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